What You Can Do

Eat well, be well, stay well!

Eat to Beat Cancer is important to you and everyone you know. Because the evidence for it already exists. Because everyone is touched by cancer. Because eating is the easiest thing.

Make Healthy Decisions Everyday

There are practical, healthy and tasty choices that can be made every day, at every meal. We make it easy to do.

  • Read the Evidence about specific cancer-fighting foods. Bookmark and revisit the website for frequent updates.
  • Choose cancer-fighting healthy Foods at the grocery store and at restaurants. Choose at least one cancer-fighting Food for every meal.
  • Try delicious cancer-fighting Recipes designed specifically with Angio ingredients for Eat to Beat.

Spread the Word

Help us create a global solution to a global problem.

  • Tell your family, friends, and networks about Eat to Beat. Share this information through your own channels.
  • Cook an Eat to Beat dinner for your family. Post your recipe through One Meal at a Time.
  • Organize an Eat to Beat dinner party for your friends. Share your experience through One Meal at a Time.

Share Your Experience

Contribute to the MetaOpinion™ online community.

  • Love a cancer-fighting Food? Like it through Facebook. Share your opinions about where to get it and how to eat it.
  • Made a great recipe with Angio foods? Tell us about it and submit a picture of it.
  • Share your story about how you are fighting cancer.
  • Tell us about what you did to Eat to Beat Cancer today.

Participate in Our Cancer Prevention Studies

Want to help us gather data while eating well? Join as a member and go to your profile page. Complete some basic questions and an occasional survey. When a study matches your interests, we'll let you know.

Join now.

Organize a Fundraising Event for Eat to Beat

Eat to Beat is a not-for-profit initiative of The Angiogenesis Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity. Its success depends upon support by people like you. Here are some ideas:

  • Sponsor Eat to Beat as part of your next walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon.
  • Donate a portion of ticket sales for an event
  • Donate a part of product or market produce sales
  • Organize a local fund-raising event

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We need your support for:

  • Our research to discover and test cancer-fighting foods using state-of-the-art laboratory and medical science
  • Our efforts to identify food varieties with higher potency for cancer prevention, that can inspire local sustainable practices for farming, better choices for healthful ingredients, and optimal cooking methods.
  • Our work to establish practical ways for cancer prevention using innovative, accessible, affordable, and convenient means without pills.
  • Our outreach to people of all social background and economic means and educate them about the benefits of incorporating cancer-fighting foods into their daily diet.
  • Our recruitment of one million people to join our community, stay information, share experiences, and participate in innovative prevention studies.

Donate now.

Find Us a Partner to Bring Eat to Beat to Your Area

Are you a manufacturer or packager of food interested in adding value to your products by enhancing Eat to Beat ingredients? Do you know a grocer, specialty market, cooperative, or CSA farm interested in working with us to carry specific eat to beat foods and varietals for your community? Are you a restauranteur and interested in offering Eat to Beat-certified dishes? Would you like to bring in an Eat to Beat presenter to a local or national meeting?

Contact us now.